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Guest Speakers

Counselor: Kristen Smith: The Brain Chemistry of Addiction
Counselor: Ron Paterik: Learning To Let Go / Dealing with addicts
Information: 602.942.2787
Counselor: Lisa Watson: Petitioning Courts and Suicide Prevention
Counselor: Geffen Liberman: The Special Needs of the Young
Debbie Gribauskas: Dealing With Pain and Addiction
Interventionist: Jerry Law: Elements of a Successful Intervention
Eric Page: Community Bridges Recovery Resources for Indigent
Dr. William Nelson: Naltrexone Pellets Medical Therapy for Opiate Addicts
Monica Talbot-Vivitrol Rep.: Naltrexone Injections for Alcoholism and Opioid Addiction Information: 602-568-3685

A source for excellent speakers for Phoenix area meetings is to call Calvary Addiction and Recovery Center and ask for Jessica Martori. Let her know your needs and she will do what she can to set up a person in recovery for you. Be sure to get a number in order to contact the person directly and “screen,” them to be sure they are a fit for your meeting- and to get to know them. Recommend you consider a thank you and a gift card for them (optional).