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It can be hard to maintain a positive attitude at times. It can be a challenge when facing hardship and struggle to keep a smile on your face. Sometimes during these holiday seasons, the effect of depression and anxiety can be magnified. Culturally speaking, these are times of celebration, happiness,Read More

Holiday Season Preparation!

I get many questions this time of year about navigating the holiday season with an addicted loved one. This is understandable, being that this season can bring all the family dynamics (positive and negative) front and center. Depending on the family’s past holidays together, parents often worry about repeated badRead More

Attending PAL meetings for myself – and for my son

I think perhaps the hardest thing for me to understand about my son’s addiction was how the sweet, curious, creative, thoughtful, loving, energetic little boy I spent so many afternoons with after school became such a totally different person. Just about every day during his preschool and early elementary schoolRead More

Let’s Talk About Gratitude

It’s November! Let’s talk about gratitude. There is no better medicine to lift our spirits than a quick account of our blessings. What an incredibly powerful tool for changing our perspectives for the better. The happiest most resilient people I meet always seem to have an “attitude of gratitude.” TheRead More