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Special Presentation: Ever Thought About Becoming a PAL Facilitator?

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a PAL facilitator, please read on.

On December 19th at 5pm (MST), Kim & Michelle Humphrey will give a special presentation and Q&A for those who have ever thought about being a PAL facilitator. One of the best ways to heal and grow on this journey is to give back. Come get your questions answered! Click for directions into the event.

Simply stated, PAL meetings can’t exist without our dedicated volunteer facilitators. In our case, the message of hope that my wife and I received came after repeated attempts by the Founder of PAL, Mike Speakman, trying to convince us to become facilitators.  My wife and I pushed back for three months with plenty of what we considered valid reasons not to do this. First and foremost, we felt “we were not ready.” We thought we weren’t qualified to do this. Needless to say, we are eternally grateful to Mike for nudging us until will finally agreed. Today I know that the meetings changed our lives. Probably the most important thing was realizing we benefited even more from the meetings than those who attended (we showed up because we knew people counted on us and kept encouraging us!)

Going into the decision, we had all the usual questions:

  • What if I can’t commit to every week?
  • How will I answer questions when I don’t know the answer?
  • Does my loved one have to be in recovery?
  • What if I’m not a good public speaker?
  • Do I have to be an expert on the lessons?
  • What if no one shows up?
  • … and many more!

Those are great questions, and the truth is that none of us have it all figured out. Facilitating seemed like it was for “someone else.” Since starting to facilitate my PAL meeting, I can honestly say that the skills are learned, we are here to help, and your willingness to step into this role could help countless others.

My wife, Michelle, and I are going to run a 40-minute introduction to facilitating training on December 19th at 5pm MST in order to address these topics and help you navigate the process of starting a meeting. If you have ever considered becoming a facilitator or just want to learn more, please attend! This session is specifically for you. Michelle and I will discuss our experience for about 20-25 minutes, with a 15-20 minute Q & A at the end!